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Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 7
Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos
Part 7
Meanwhile, on Nic's ship.
Miles is sitting in one of the rooms, meditating.
Miles: Found you...
Alicia: Where is he?
Miles: He's moving east. Heading for Northammer.
Alicia: East from where?
Miles: I don't know... But it looks like he's headed for New Mobotropolis.
Alicia: Let's go tell the others, then.
Miles: Are they still in the Emerald shrine?
Alicia: Yes.
Miles: Then let's go.
With the heroes...
The teams are preparing for their plan.
Sally: Okay, does everyone remember the plan?
Sonic: Yeah. You sure you're okay with being bait, Sal?
Sally: I'll be fine.
Miles: Before we commit to this, I thought you might want to know that I've sensed Scourge, and he's heading for your city.
Sally: What?!
Miles: You heard me. If we can capture him, then I have a special little spell that I've been saving for him. I'm sure we can squeeze the location of Finitevus' lair from his worthless mind, and then you don't have to risk letting your counterpart into
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 6
Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos
Part 6
Meanwhile, with Sally...
She has made contact with Angel Island.
ESF officer: This is New Echidnaopolis. State your business.
Sally: I wish to speak with the Guardian.
ESF Officer: As you wish, Princess. I shall put you through immediately.
Sally: Thank you.
Soon, Knuckles appears on the screen.
Knuckles: Sally, good to see you again.
Sally: Likewise, Knuckles. I just wish it were under better circumstances.
Knuckles: Agreed. So, what's up?
Sally: Finitevus. He's up to something big. He's reviving the dead, and he kidnapped Fiona.
Knuckles: That guy is REALLY getting on my nerves.
Sally: Yes... We don't know how many he has revived, but we do know he brought back both Tikal and Hunter. Tikal is with us, but she told us that Finitevus has Chaos...
Knuckles: Hunter? Did you say Hunter?
Sally: Yes, but I'm more worried about what he wants with Tikal and Chaos...
Knuckles: Nothing good, obviously.
Sally: As for Fiona, we believe Finitevus was behin
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Dawn of the Zeldrak: Part 1
Part 1
In the Acornian Great Desert, a lone figure rushes across the landscape, sticking to the shadows. She sees her objective: Robotnik's Great Desert base. The figure steps out of the shadows, revealing herself. She is a female Mobian weasel. She is covered in purple fur, her belly, chest, and muzzle covered in white fur. Her long purple hair is in a ponytail, and her eyes are blue. She wears a brown belly shirt, brown tight pants, a brown belt with pistols hanging from their holsters, brown boots and gloves, and a brown hat. Her name is Nicolette Weasel, better known as Nic the Weasel.
Nic: Let's see what we can find here...
Nic's mission today is primarily a personal one- She has been infiltrating bases under the guise of business to steal information, which she can then relay to a close friend in the Freedom Fighters. She gets down in a crouching position and crawls toward the base.
Nic: No sign of any guards yet... Interesting...
She stalks closer, one hand o
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SATFF Part 157
Part 157
Meanwhile, at Knothole...
Nicole and Ellen were sitting in the latter's home.
Nicole: Sorry about the mess, it's not exactly set up for organics.
Ellen: It's alright.
Nicole: I'm... I'm not sure where to to begin with what happened to me. As you can probably tell, I'm not organic anymore. I'm not sure how I became this, but I know I was a computer at first... And I think Robotnik was responsible. Whether I repressed the memories or they were deleted by him... But I get flashes. Dreams, visions of what I was before... I remember a birthday. I remember you and Dad holding me...
Nicole hugs her roboticized mother tightly, eyes squeezed shut. Ellen returns the embrace, coolant leaking from her optics.
Nicole: I wanted to find you... I hoped you could maybe fill in the gaps... I need to know who I am, Mom... Anything that might help me know who or what I really am, and why this was done me...
Ellen: You are the daughter of one of Mobius's best scientists, Calvin Lynx. You wer
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 5
Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos
Part 5
Meanwhile, in Finitevus's hideout...
The mad echidna is standing in front of a large crystal, containing Chaos. The God of Destruction floats as a ball of water, his brain visible inside it. Finitevus smirks as he gazes at his prisoner.
Finitevus: How easy it is to enslave you, with your power split between the various artefacts of this world.
Chaos lets out a faint growl.
Finitevus: Can't say anything? Of course. How silly of me. You can't talk.
Chaos growls again, eyes narrowing.
Finitevus: Anyway, if you're hoping to see Tikal again, don't worry. My servants will find her soon enough. When she is here, I will put the energy in both of you to good use.
He smirks, but then frowns when Sonic and Knuckles come to his mind.
Finitevus: Of course, there are the hedgehog and Guardian to worry about. They will undoubtedly try to stop me.
He then hears a voice in his head.
Chaos: They will. Count on it.
Finitevus is taken aback, but then smirks.
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 4
Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos
Part 4
Meanwhile, back on Mount Nautilus....
Finitevus is in his lab, overlooking Thrash. The Tasmanian Devil is now a cyborg, his left arm, both of his feet, and left eye mechanical.
Finitevus: Perfect. Time to wake him up, I suppose...
He presses a button on the control panel, releasing Thrash from stasis.
Thrash: Ughhh.... What happened? I feel like I've been hit by a train.
He then sees Finitevus.
Thrash: You! Where am I?
Finitevus: Oh, no place special. Just my laboratory.
Thrash: Which is where?
Finitevus: In Mount Nautilus, Downunda.
Thrash then notices his cybernetic left arm. His organic eye widens in horror.
Thrash: WHAT THE?!!
Finitevus: I hope you enjoy your new look.
Finitevus: A freak? No. I turned you into a warrior.
Thrash: I was already a warrior!
Finitevus: You're even more of a warrior, now. And better yet, you will be my servant.
Thrash: Never!
Finitevus snaps his fingers, and electr
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Meanwhile, back in Robotropolis...
Mephiles is still reclining on the throne. Abaddon appears.
Mephiles: Yes?
Abaddon: They have arrived in the Southern Baronies and rescued the Robians there.
Mephiles: Only two caches left, then?
Abaddon: Yes; the one in Downunda and the one on Platinum Island.
Mephiles: And our unwitting pachyderm pawn is moving into play, is he not?
Abaddon: Yes, my lord.
Mephiles: (chuckles wickedly) Excellent. Send some of our Greater Demons to Downunda. We can't make it too easy.
Mephiles: I think it's time I targeted my former apprentice with a few of those nightmares...
Abaddon: Might I suggest Karoth?
Mephiles: Hmmm... Of course.
Abaddon: Not as potent as our deceased former ally, but it should be enough to torment him.
Mephiles: As long as he does his task, I am content.
Mephiles snaps his fingers. Soon, a demon appears. It is skeletal in appearance, with black tendrils in the place of legs, and yellow glowing eyes.
Karoth: Yes, my lord?
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 3
Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 3.
Back in New Mobotropolis...
Emerl and Nicole have arrived at the gardens.
Emerl: Amazing. I still need an explanation on why exactly this is romantic, though...
Nicole: (Giggles) For one thing, the flowers come in all kinds of colors.
Emerl: I see... I can't help but think "Here, have the steadily decaying reproductive organs of a lower life form", though.
Nicole: That's a strange thing to think.
Emerl: It's what a flower is, though...
Nicole: Well, you can learn to see past that.
Emerl: Okay.
Nicole squeezes his hand. If Emerl was capable of it, he would blush.
Nicole: So, I was wondering...
Emerl: Yes?
Nicole: What were the Nocturnus like? I read they used to be part of the Echidna Empire, but they seceded.
Emerl: That's true. They wanted complete dominance of the Empire.
Nicole: I see.
Emerl: They were terrible people. They were utterly ruthless, and it didn't help that most of the Echidnas' weaponry was created by them.
Nicole: Oh, how did
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Mature content
Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 2 :iconheavens-champion:heavens-champion 5 11
Mature content
Sonic Sigma Part 9 :iconheavens-champion:heavens-champion 5 10
SATFF Part 155
SATFF Part 155
Meanwhile, with the heroes...
They were still heading for the tower.
Fiona: That thing's pretty big.
Emerl: Resisting compensation joke.
Sonic: Same here.
Sally: Stay on guard, everyone. There could be SWATbot patrols out here.
Tails: Right.
The team reaches the wall of the building, and circle towards the entrance.
They see four SWATbots on guard.
Sally: Take them out quickly, and quietly.
Emerl transforms his hand into a crossbow and takes aim at the SWATbots. The other two SWATbots begin scanning the area. He opens fire, and destroys two of them. The last two SWATbots begin scanning the area.
Sally: Again.
Emerl shoots the last two down.
Emerl: Man, Scorcher. You've got some good shooting skills.
Scorcher: Thanks.
Allen: Best robot ever.
Emerl: Thank you.
Sally heads for the door panel, and pauses.
Sally: Anyone know how to open it? Nicole isn't here, so...
Allen: Let me try.
Sally: By all means.
Allen gets to work on the panel, and the door opens.
Sally: Thank you. N
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Sonic Sigma Part 8
Sonic Sigma Part 8
Meanwhile, Hershey and Geoffrey were in Robotropolis, on a spy mission.
Hershey: Any sign of those two gynoids?
Geoffrey: Not yet. But stay close.
Hershey: Got it.
They head for the command center, sticking to the shadows.
Hershey: I hate this place.
Geoffrey: I know what you mean.
Hershey: When do we kill Robotnik?
Geoffrey: Someday, but not today. Come on. We need to get moving.
Hershey: Alright.
Soon, they arrive at the command center, and crawl into the ventilation shaft.
Geoffrey: Okay, keep it down now.
Hershey: Got it.
They slip quietly through the ducts.
Hershey: It's a little cramped in here.
Geoffrey: I know.
Soon, they are above the war room. They can hear Robotnik speaking with Snively.
Robotnik: Has she told you the location of the Wolf Pack?
Snively: No, sir. She's really stubborn.
Robotnik: Then make her!
Snively: She also bites.
Snively holds up his savaged hand, which has now been roboticized.
Robotnik: You incompetent fool... You are staring at the
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Reign of Chaos Part 1
(This is the sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Mecha Sally Epilogue; the following contains, blood, violence, minor suggestive material, and swearing; this is a collaboration by me and Vorahk295, a.k.a. Dan Gleeson; Sonic and related characters belong to SEGA, Sonic Team, DiC, Archie Comics, Fleetway, and Ken Penders; any fan characters belong to either me or Vorahk295; we do not wish to make a profit off of this)
(Soundtrack: “His World”- Crush 40)
It has been a month since the destruction of the Death Egg Mark 2, and Naugus's imprisonment in the Void. The Republic of Acorn has enjoyed a month of peace, and there has been no report of any activity in Eggman's controlled territories. Some take it as a sign that Eggman has been defeated for good. The old Council of Acorn has been disbanded, and replaced with a new one. Sir Charles Hedgehog has become the new Minister of Science, Rotor has returned to the Freedom Fighters, Penelope and Dylan
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Mature content
Sonic Sigma Part 7 :iconheavens-champion:heavens-champion 4 4
Sonic Sigma Part 6
Sonic Sigma
Part 6
Robotnik was in another laboratory. Lining the walls were rows of robots. However, they were a lot different from his regular combat androids.
They were short and colored blue, the size of a Mobian. They almost looked exactly like Sonic.
The drones are lined up on either side of the corridor, and at the end of it is a slightly bulkier, taller one, with white markings on its body.
Robotnik: Perfect.
Grimer: They should be ready for activation shortly.
Robotnik: The sooner the better. I can't wait to see the Freedom Fighters' faces when they see their doom.
Grimer: Of course, sir.
Robotnik: With my new Metallix, I will be unstoppable.
Grimer: Indeed.
Robotnik: Tell me, Grimer. You said Rosemary Prower was with the Freedom Fighters, yes?
Grimer: Yes sir.
Robotnik: So, she's still alive.
Grimer: Indeed.
Robotnik: Hmmm... Imagine her on my side.
Grimer: Hmm?
Robotnik: She is a very effective spy and infiltrator.
Grimer: True.
Robotnik: Yes... She'll make an e
:iconheavens-champion:heavens-champion 6 4
Mature content
Sonic Sigma Part 5 :iconheavens-champion:heavens-champion 5 6


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